Fire Painting is a responsive cybernetic construction. It is composed of a set of 16 pumps creating pressure and pushing a lavish green color kerosene oil mixture through the nozzles when the valves are released. The kerosene is sparked to combustion creating a formidable brilliant flame. The combustion is controlled by subtle movements of the sensor data glove worn by the artist / participant / viewer who is literary playing with fire. The idea is built on a paradox of tactile handling of this primal element, using it as color on a canvas like an action painter. Fire is the ultimate intangible and unstable light-based medium, therefore any digital or electronic image can be emulated in its light (screens, projectors, televisions). In fact, the 4×4 nozzles function like 16 pixels image.

Tinny gestures with the glove trigger forceful and unpredictable changes mesmerizing one to a stand still and bringing one to a complete rapture. Furthermore, the entire construction is supported by a completely translucent “bodiless” containers custom made out of glass. The transparent construction is the frame of the picture, through and over which, depending on the strength and position of the flame, a fire curtain is created. There is no more frame, no more edge, just endless folds of infinite becoming of the image.

In collaboration with: Technical assistance by Andrej Primožič, Manuel Odendahl and Zvonko Drobnič

Co-produced by Kapelica Gallery

Photos: Miha Fras

Year of production: 2010